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National Rendering Day Celebration

Celebrating National Rendering Day

National Rendering Day celebrates the work of rendering plants and the people who work there. It also raises awareness of the critical role that rendering plays in our lives and the impact that food waste has on our environment. Today, we encourage you to learn more about rendering and how it can transform your community.

When Is National Rendering Day?

April 21st is National Rendering Day. At Baker Commodities, we want to mark the occasion by highlighting the benefits of sustainable processing.

Why Is Animal Rendering Important?

Animal rendering converts animal byproducts into usable materials, including hides into leather, bones into glue and gelatin, hooves into polish and blood into blood meal. Animal rendering is a significant industry because it:

  • Shows respect to the animal: Every animal deserves respectful and dignified treatment. Rendering ensures every part of the animal is used, from the hide to the bones, so nothing goes to waste.
  • Builds communities: Jobs are vital to any society, giving people purpose and stability. The average rendering plant in the United States provides around 100 jobs, which is a boon to the local economy.
  • Helps reduce waste: Americans discard millions of tons of animal byproducts annually. Animal rendering uses those byproducts to produce valuable products while keeping the materials out of landfills.
  • Provides many useful products: The products made from rendered materials have many applications. These include cosmetics, pet food, fertilizer and other day-to-day materials.

How to Get Involved in National Rendering Day

From the creation of pet food to the production of soap, rendering plants have played an instrumental role in creating products we rely on daily. To get involved in National Rendering Day, you can:

  • Encourage your community to implement rendering programs: Rendering Day is an excellent opportunity to educate your friends and family about why rendering is so important, especially if they don’t know what it is.
  • Support rendering plants: When you support local rending plants, you keep jobs in your community and help to continue providing accessible products for everyone.
  • Learn more about it: If you want to learn about National Rendering Day, explore our public resources.

Contact Baker Commodities to Learn More

At Baker Commodities, we take our role in the rendering process seriously. We’re here to help you learn everything you need to know about rendering so that you can make the best decisions for your business. Learn more about rendering and contact us about our animal rendering services today!