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Reduce Food Waste - courtesy of CDFA

How Baker Commodities Helps Reduce Food Waste

Much of our food supply is simply thrown away and ends up in landfills or incinerators. This waste contributes to higher greenhouse gas emissions. However, there are ways to reduce food waste, such as these options the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) outlines in this video: Understanding Food Recovery and Food Upcycling.

What Is Food Upcycling?

The video states that food upcycling is the reuse of food or food by-products to create new ways of feeding people and animals while also minimizing food waste. This means you take food and food by-products that normally would get thrown away, and use them to create another product. Why discard these things when they could be turned into other products like animal feed, biofuel, textiles, soap and more?

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Turn Potential Waste Into Quality Products

Your business can, and should, upcycle the food by-products that would normally just go to waste. Baker Commodities, Inc. provides the solutions you need to make this process an efficient part of your operations. We offer animal by-product services and rendering services that turn food waste into needed items.

Animal By-Product Services

Animal by-product services consist of collecting your meat by-products on a regular basis and transporting them to our processing facilities. We have a fleet of trucks and environmentally-friendly rendering facilities where we process all by-products daily. We provide you with containers to collect the products, and we clean the containers regularly. Baker Commodities, Inc. provides reliable scheduled service with emergency service provided as well.

Rendering Services

Rendering is the process of recycling products like grease and hides to create new commodities. There’s no one set process for this. Rather, we separate the materials and shape them according to the finished product’s needs. Even waste products such as used cooking oil can be turned into new products. Learn about our Total Grease Management Program®.

Created Products

Our facilities use responsible rendering processes and thorough testing that ensures our recycled products reach high-quality standards. We are able to create numerous products that go on to be made into many other commodities, such as:

  • Biodiesel: Biodiesel is a non-toxic and biodegradable diesel fuel substitute. Since it’s produced from animal by-products, it’s a renewable and eco-friendly resource. The chemical process that the ingredients undergo separates them into biodiesel and glycerin, which can be used in soap products.
  • Feeding fats and yellow grease: Rendered fats provide valuable dietary energy in animal feed products. Yellow grease can even be turned into biofuel or used as a lubricant for food production equipment.
  • Hides: We prepare the hides for the leather manufacturing industry.
  • Protein meal: Meat and bone meal is used as protein in some animal feeds.
  • Tallow: Tallow is a product derived from animal fats that can be used in items such as soap and lubricants and in the manufacturing of cosmetics, paints, plastics and many other consumer products.

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We have high environmental quality standards that ensure all products we pick up are completely recycled. Does your business need our services to start reducing food waste? Contact us today!

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