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Total Grease Management™

Full-Service Grease Collection

Baker Commodities has the experience, equipment and resources to meet all your company’s grease collection needs. Total Grease Management® enables you to choose from a variety of services for a custom solution — everything from grease collection and drain cleaning to water recovery and preventive maintenance.

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About Our Custom Grease Management Solutions

The Total Grease Management Program® gives you the flexibility to tailor your grease management services to meet your company’s needs and preferences. Select a single service or multiple options based on your operations.

Grease Collection

If you operate a restaurant, removing used cooking oil efficiently and safely while complying with stringent regulations is a constant challenge. We provide numerous container and service options to make this process convenient.

Grease Trap and Interceptor Pumping Services

Our grease trap pumping services allow our technicians to access restaurant interceptor systems and collect and recycle trap grease and wastewater. These processes comply with environmental standards and local regulations.

Drain Cleaning and Plumbing

We offer an assortment of grease management services designed to keep drains and other plumbing fixtures clean and operating efficiently. Our advanced hydrojetting services can cut through stubborn grease and remove all remaining debris. These plumbing services encompass sewer lines, sinks and floor drains.

High-Pressure Power Washing With Water Recovery

Our professionals utilize state-of-the-art pressure-washing equipment to handle the most challenging cleaning tasks. We implement the most advanced techniques to recover and process wastewater.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular service is crucial for keeping grease collection and management equipment in peak condition and performing well. Our maintenance solutions include video camera pipe inspections to detect potential signs of trouble and reduce the risk of costly repairs.

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Service Areas

We offer our total grease collection solutions to companies throughout the United States. Whether you’re near our West Coast headquarters in Vernon, CA, or in the Northwest, Southwest or Northeast, we can create a custom grease collection plan that works for your business.

Equipment for Grease Management

As a full-service grease collection company, Baker Commodities can supply all the necessary equipment to your business. We provide indoor containment tanks to maximize cooking oil storage space and secure outdoor solutions that help deter grease theft. Our fresh oil systems enable you to deliver this valuable commodity quickly, efficiently and safely. You can also get a drain filter system to prevent the discharge of food debris into drains and pipes.

Why Choose Baker Commodities?

Baker Commodities is a family-owned business that has been a leading industry innovator since 1937. We’re proud to be a green, carbon-negative company that contributes to a more sustainable world.

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