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Animal By-Products

Our Services: Animal By-Products

Our modern fleet of trucks collects and transports animal by-products from meat and poultry processing plants, supermarkets and butcher shops on a regularly scheduled basis to our environmentally friendly rendering facilities where everything is processed daily and recycled into other useful products.

As with all our services, our animal by-product recycling is designed to be environmentally friendly and to eliminate waste. Baker Commodities’ computerized information systems provide efficient route scheduling and accurate accounting for suppliers and customers alike.

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More Info on Our Animal By-Product Services

Baker Commodities’ modern fleet of trucks collects by-products from meat and poultry processing plants, supermarkets, and butcher shops on a regularly scheduled basis and transports materials to our environmentally-friendly rendering facilities where all by-products are processed daily.

We provide equipment and services that meet your every need, including:

  • State-of-the-art trucks to pick up materials
  • Company-provided 32-gallon or 45-gallon containers and scheduled container cleaning
  • Reliable daily service and regular pick-up schedules with emergency service provided as needed
  • Automatic monthly billing

Baker Commodities is a completely “green” company – we recycle everything we pick up. We are a fully permitted and licensed rendering company, utilizing our proprietary state-of-the-art continuous rendering process to recycle materials, and highly sophisticated air and water pollution prevention equipment to keep the environment clean.


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