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Military Base Grease Management

Business Solutions for the Military Bases

Feeding America’s forces can generate a lot of used cooking oil. Removing this grease properly can eliminate plumbing problems and help the planet in more ways than one. At Baker Commodities, we offer a range of military kitchen grease solutions to help you control used cooking oil and keep your systems working smoothly.

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Total Grease Management®

We offer a range of services under the Total Grease Management® umbrella to support responsible collection methods and clean systems. With this program, we create a business-specific plan that allows us to meet your military kitchen’s needs. From hydrojet drain cleaning to full-service plumbing, our experienced technicians can keep your pipes running smoothly and help minimize plumbing issues.

Choose all or some of our Total Grease Management® services for your military kitchen:

All the grease we collect through our eco-friendly process gets rendered and turned into useful new materials to make products, such as powerful biofuels, animal feed and rubber.

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Our equipment includes a range of instruments designed to help you store used cooking oil and monitor, filter and dispense fresh cooking oil. Our lock systems can also prevent grease theft. We carry:

These products can fit in almost any space and help you keep your building clean and safe.

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Working With Baker Commodities

At Baker Commodities, we’ve been in the business for decades and have knowledgeable, reliable staff to help us meet the needs of military kitchens. Our wide-reaching services include solutions such as drain cleaning, animal by-product collection and cold storage. Plus, we work with government billing systems to make payment easy. Reach out to us at 855-522-5370 or to learn more.

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