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Baker Commodities, Inc. has been providing superior services to the agriculture, food production and food service industries for more than 80 years. We pride ourselves on sustainability through effectively recycling food by-products and used cooking oil into a variety of valuable products, from biofuel and rubber to soap and clothing. We accomplish this with the help of expert staff and tried-and-true, environmentally friendly processes.

Baker Commodities, Inc. offers services in rendering, restaurant grease collection and management, jetting and fat and bone collection. With Baker Commodities, Inc. you can expect a job well done from trustworthy, well-trained technicians who know just what it takes to deliver the results you need. Many of our services can be arranged on regular schedules for simple sustainability. However, we also offer emergency or as-needed services to get to you quickly when you need us, minimizing downtime and the costs that come with it.

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Services Focused On Flexibility & Sustainability

Please take a moment to view our services. Click on the service titles to learn more. And if you ever need additional information, please contact our national accounts center at 855-4-BAKER-0.

  • Total Grease Management®: This comprehensive program includes grease removal, trap services, plumbing, pressure washing and preventive maintenance. We customize the perfect program for you!
  • Grease Collection: Our grease collection services provide a variety of options for used cooking oil removal in a way that works for your business.
  • Trap & Interceptor Pumping: With these services, we can safely remove and dispose of trap grease and waste water.
  • Jetting & Drain Cleaning: We offer hydrojet drain cleaning and commercial plumbing services for effective results.
  • Plumbing & Preventative Care: We provide customized preventative maintenance programs, as well as emergency plumbing services when you need them.
  • Animal By-Products: Our modern fleet collects and transports animal by-products.
  • High-Pressure Washing: We handle the tough and dirty cleaning jobs with our state-of-the-art high pressure washing equipment and total water recovery services.
  • Animal Mortalities: We work with the cattle and dairy industries to collect and recycle animal mortalities.
  • Cold Storage: Our safe, state-of-the-art cold storage services deliver convenience and off-site accommodations to the food industry.