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Baker Commodities Inc. has been providing superior services to the agriculture, food production and food service industries for more than 75 years. We pride ourselves on being sustainable by recycling food by-products and used cooking oil into a variety of valuable products.

Baker Commodities Inc, offers services in rendering, restaurant grease collection, jetting and fat and bone collection.

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Total Grease Removal Services

total grease management® includes Grease Removal, Trap Services and Plumbing. We customize the perfect program for you!

grease collection
Providing a variety of options for used cooking oil removal.

trap & interceptor pumping
Allows us to safely remove and dispose of trap grease and waste water.

jetting & drain cleaning
Hydrojet drain cleaning and commercial plumbing services.

plumbing & preventative care
Providing customized preventative maintenance programs.

animal by-products
Our modern fleet collects and transports animal by-products.

high pressure powerwashing
We handle the tough and dirty cleaning jobs with our state-of-the-art high pressure washing equipment.

animal mortalities
We work with the cattle and dairy industries to collect and recycle animal mortalities.

cold storage
Providing safe, state-of-the-art cold storage services to the food industry.