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Recycled Yellow Grease

Yellow Grease from Used Cooking Oil

One of the most widely used products involved in animal waste recycling is yellow grease. Yellow grease is created from the recycling of used cooking oil (also known as UCO), commonly collected from restaurants, and as a by-product of the animal rendering process. It is a versatile material that finds a purpose in everything from biofuel and detergents to animal feed and clothing.

Baker Commodities collects used cooking oil that comes from the vegetable oils restaurants use in deep fryers and in food processing. We give these waste products new lives by turning them into a wide range of useful materials including yellow grease.

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Popular Uses of  Yellow Grease

While yellow grease can be used in plenty of different applications, some of the more popular ones include creating animal feed ingredients and biodiesel fuel.

  • Animal Feed Ingredients: In animal feed production, yellow grease functions as a concentrated ingredient that adds nutritional benefits to the feed. Nutritionists utilize yellow grease for animal feed as a high-energy additive in various livestock rations to increase the calories the animals ingest, which in turn allows farms to grow the animals faster and more healthily.
  • Yellow Grease Biodiesel Production: Yellow grease can also be turned into a renewable biofuel, reducing greenhouse gases and providing a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels.
  • Oleochemicals: Oleochemicals are components of yellow grease that can be turned into soap, makeup, paint, rubber, and detergents. Many different everyday products rely on oleochemicals.
  • Food-Safe Yellow Grease Lubricant: In food production facilities, equipment lubrication needs to support a nontoxic, food-safe environment. Yellow grease can be a safe lubricant for these businesses. All of our yellow grease products are organic in nature and come from edible sources.

How Baker Commodities Produces Yellow Grease

At Baker Commodities, we produce our yellow grease from materials provided by our partners at restaurants, butchers, farms and food production facilities, among many others. We take used cooking oil and animal by-products and run them through a trusted rendering process, delivering yellow grease at an affordable price that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Reach out to us today to purchase yellow grease or set up collections for us to pick up your used cooking oil or animal by-products. You can call us at (855) 4-BAKER-0 or email us at

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