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Used & Fresh Cooking Oil Management Systems

Managing cooking oil is a critical part of running a kitchen, but not every kitchen has the same needs. Baker Commodities offers a variety of used and fresh cooking oil management systems to fit your business’s unique demands. Our equipment options safely and efficiently contain and transport used cooking oil for recycling, as well as monitor, filter and dispense fresh oil for everyday use. Our durable, leak-proof collection equipment will fit just about any space and keep your kitchens and waste areas clean and safe. Plus, our drain filtering and lock systems will keep your pipes clean and help eliminate grease theft.

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Custom Oil Management Systems

Experienced representatives from Baker Commodities can set up a custom solution for any type of kitchen with the equipment necessary to:

We can create a customized package for you — whether you have one location or a hundred. Click on the links below to learn more about each product, and reach out to us at 855-422-5370 or if you have any questions.

Our Equipment Options

Equipment is available to customers of Baker Commodities’ services and may not be available in all areas.  Some equipment may require additional costs and/or service agreements.

  • Indoor Containment TanksMaximize your space with Baker Commodities’ full line of indoor used cooking oil containment tanks. We carry a wide range of containment tanks for low- to high-volume applications that can include anti-theft designs.
  • Outdoor Solutions and Pipe LocksEliminate grease theft with our heavy-duty, leak-proof safe containers with security and pipe locks. We have containers to support small, medium and large applications, adaptable to all weather requirements. We also offer several barrels, transporters, pipe locks and a trap hat for managing outdoor grease collection.
  • Fresh Oil Systems: Deliver fresh oil quickly, safely and efficiently in any type of space configuration. Our fresh oil pumps are available in individual pumps, racks and medium-volume container pumps.
  • Drain Filter Systems: Drain filter systems prevent food debris from discharging into drains and clogging pipes. Our selection includes drain socks, trays and locks to catch debris and prevent accidental removal.


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