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Commercial Uses Tallow

One of the products that comes from animal rendering processes is tallow, which is the fat produced from the rendering of animal by-products. This versatile material comes from generally unwanted products and can be made into a multitude of desirable commodities.

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What Is Tallow Used For?

In addition to its nutritional use in feeding livestock, higher grades of tallow may be used in numerous everyday items such as soap, lubricants and the fatty acids necessary for manufacturing cosmetics, paints, plastics, organic detergents and many other industrial and consumer products.

One of the more recent uses of tallow derived from animal by-products is that it can be used for the production of biodiesel in much the same way that used cooking oil is currently used, and can also be used to make renewable diesel. This means tallow is a valuable component in creating more eco-friendly fuel sources.

Making Tallow

Tallow typically comes from the fat of cattle and sheep. This fatty tissue — often the waste of other processes — is slowly boiled and spun through a centrifuge device. After spinning at a high speed, the fat separates from the liquid. The fat can be collected and becomes available for use in all of the different applications mentioned above.

Where to Buy Tallow

Buying tallow itself can be simple — the problem is getting large amounts of it. You may find tallow at a local grocery store. However, these are usually in small quantities for home use. For commercial amounts of tallow, you’ll need to look to animal rendering service providers such as Baker Commodities.

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Tallow From Baker Commodities

Our tallow comes from a range of sources for non-food-grade applications. We recover and process unwanted animal by-products and convert them into this valuable material, used in everything from pet food and animal feed to biofuel, soap, rubber and explosives.

To learn more about tallow processing or to purchase tallow, reach out or call us to us today. We can also help you process your organic waste into valuable tallow with our rendering services. You can call us at (855) 4-BAKER-0 or email us at

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