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UCO Terms And Conditions

Used Cooking Oil Terms & Conditions

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your continued business of the removal and recycling of your Used Cooking Oil (“UCO”).

Immediate Attention Required

Government regulations require us to document and keep on file what type of cooking oil you use.

Baker Commodities is an International Sustainable and Carbon Certification System (“ISCC”) user which pledges conformity to the sustainability criteria of the European Directive on renewable energy (2009/28/CE). This certification illustrates Baker Commodities’ commitment to an environmentally friendly earth.

A copy of this letter and form are located on our website at: Baker Commodities, Inc. ISCC Self Declaration Cover Letter.

If the used cooking oil being collected from your facility is mixed with fresh oil or made up of entirely/partly animal origin (e.g. lard, butter, tallow) you are considered a “nonparticipant”.

All Nonparticipants must notify us via email with a signed and completed declaration form within 14 days upon receipt:

This Self-Declaration is considered an agreement for UCO pickups between parties, and will be deemed as accepted for all deliveries since March 1, 2021 if the customer does not explain its objection to Baker Commodities within 14 days of receipt of this notice. If you do not agree to the Self-Declaration, you must notify Baker Commodities by email to: within 14 days. If you do not notify Baker Commodities it will be presumed by Baker Commodities that you have no objections to the contents of the Self-Declaration, and that the used cooking oil presented by you for collection by Baker Commodities is used cooking oil made up of vegetable fats and oils that have been used for frying food for human consumption and their use has been within the normal range of your business practices.

Baker Commodities appreciates your support in our commitment to a “Green Initiative” of producing sustainable products. We thank you for your business and please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Thank You,

Baker Commodities Inc.

Click Here to Access the Self Declaration: Baker Commodities, Inc.- ISCC Self Declaration