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Animal Hides For Sale

Hides of an Animal

Leather products are a form of recycling because leather comes from the hides and skins of animals that would normally be considered waste products. Instead of taking up space in a landfill, these animals can turn into some of the most versatile materials out there, providing the basis for jackets, bags, automobile interiors and sports equipment.

When dairy and beef cows come to the end of their lives, Baker Commodities provides a service to the community by recycling the deceased animals, rather than leaving farms to dispose of their carcasses. We provide the initial process in the transformation of their hides into leather goods, beginning with the recovery and collection of the hides, followed by skinning and hide salting services that prepare them for the leather manufacturing industry.

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How Are Hides Processed?

Processing hides prepares them to be turned into leather by leather processing facilities and involves a few different steps:

  1. The first step in processing a hide is to remove it from the animal and clean it up, getting rid of flesh and imperfections such as branding spots or insect bites.
  2. Next, the hide is placed in a generous salt brine, which prevents it from decomposing.
  3. It goes into a chemical solution of calcium oxide, also called a lime bath, to remove any hair on the hide.
  4. After these hydrating steps, the hide is much thicker and can be separated into different layers, each used for different types of products.

Hides From Baker Commodities

At Baker Commodities, we have high-quality animal hides for sale, all sourced from the by-products of animals used in industries such as beef and dairy. Whether you’re looking to buy hides for leather processing or have us collect animal mortalities from your farm, our experienced staff members can help.

Reach out to us today at (855) 4-BAKER-0 or to buy animal hides for sale or set up dead farm animal collection services.

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