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Grease Drain Filter & Lock Systems

Drain Filter & Lock Systems

Baker Commodities offers a variety of used and fresh cooking oil management systems. Our equipment options safely and efficiently contain and transport used cooking oil for recycling, and monitor, filter and dispense fresh oil for everyday use. Our durable, leak-proof collection equipment will fit just about any space and keep your kitchens and waste areas clean and safe. Plus, our drain filtering and lock systems will keep your pipes clean, and help to eliminate grease theft.

Our Kitchen Drain System Products

These drain filtering and lock systems provide an easy way to prevent backups and keep your drains running clear and clean. They can also help you reduce plumbing issues by keeping large objects, including food debris and plastic packaging, out of the drain.

Our kitchen drain system products include drain socks and trays to catch debris as well as drain locks to block employees from removing products.

  • Drain sock: Our drain socks fit snugly into drains to catch food debris and prevent it from discharging into the drain system. They’ll fit a wide range of drain sizes, dipping down below the outlet to hold the caught debris. These drain socks are 8 inches long and made of synthetic mesh.
  • Drain tray: A drain top sits atop drains to catch food debris and aids in preventing it from discharging into the drain system. Our drain trays are heavy-duty plastic for long-lasting usage, preventing sink floods and expensive plumbing issues. They’re easy to take out of the drain and empty, working conveniently into cleaning routines.
  • Drain lock: Trust our drain lock to prevent restaurant employees from removing drain filters and washing food debris into the drain. Drain locks are easy to install but require a wrench for removal. They fit a range of drain sizes from 1.5 through 4 inches.

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Save money and protect your equipment with these simple and straightforward drain filter and lock systems from Baker Commodities. We’ve been in business for 80 years and have a staff of experts helping us create industry-leading equipment and services. Contact us today to learn more and get a custom solution setup for your unique business.