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Animal Feeding Fats

Feeding Fats For Animal Fats

Just like protein, fats are essential parts of any diet, especially diets made up of animal feed. Many animal feed producers use feeding fats to add dense, nutritious ingredients to their products. Feeding Fats are stock feed ingredients made from blends of recycled used cooking oil and animal fats. These blends are produced by the rendering of tissues of mammals and poultry.

At Baker Commodities, we create feeding fats through environmentally friendly processes, converting grease from restaurants, butcher scraps and other animal by-products into calorie-dense fats for animal feed.

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Why Use Feeding Fats?

The animal feed and ingredient industry is the major consumer of rendered fats and oils that provide valuable dietary energy to feed products. Fats have the highest caloric value of feed ingredients available for animal nutrition.

In addition to their nutritional value, feeding fats provide a more environmentally friendly use for animal by-products. Instead of throwing out used cooking oil and animal by-products, we repurpose them into valuable new materials such as feeding fats. This process allows you to do your part for the planet by keeping by-products out of landfills and using a nutritious form of animal feed.

Action Fat

Baker Commodities offers animal feeding fats through our product, Action Fat. It delivers high-quality rendered animal fats derived from recycled sources and treated to kill pathogens, so you can use it confidently in your animal feed products.

Working With Baker Commodities

We are a family-owned business and have been since we opened in 1937. That means we have decades of experience in animal rendering and providing healthy solutions with rendered animal fat. For stock feed ingredients that come from an environmentally friendly place, Baker Commodities can help.

Whether you’d like to purchase animal feeding fats for stock feed ingredients or send us your animal by-products for recycling, our experienced representatives can help.

Reach out to us today at (855) 4-BAKER-0 or to learn more.

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