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Baker Commodities has a customized solution for any type of business. Whether you’re running a busy dairy farm, operating a butcher shop, managing a school cafeteria or throwing special events, we can take care of your grease removal, cleaning and animal rendering needs quickly and sustainably.

Across industries, we provide a wide range of services, including, but not limited to:

  • Grease management, including trap & interceptor pumping, drain cleaning & pressure washing.
  • Cold storage.
  • Animal by-product collection.
  • Equipment selection and procurement.
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Commercial Properties

We offer customized solutions for all types of commercial businesses. We can take care of services such as grease collection, drain cleaning and pressure washing with total water recovery.

Farms and Livestock

By removing and recycling animals at the end of their life spans, Baker Commodities can help you prevent the release of damaging chemicals and diseases while generating valuable products.

Food Processors

Food production can involve a lot of grease and animal by-products. We can help with by-product recycling for a sustainable environment, as well as a range of other solutions.


Let us customize green and safe solutions that help you reach your recycling goals. A sustainable plan for your hospitality organization could include tasks such as drain cleaning, trap pumping, cooking oil management and cold storage services.


We create sustainable programs for any industry, helping you manage waste through various methods as your one-stop shop.

Markets and Butcher Shops

Baker Commodities can pick up, remove and responsibly recycle animal by-products, as well as deliver many other sustainable solutions.


Set up a custom recycling program, including grease removal, trap pumping, and fat and bone collection, that maximizes productivity while generating minimal food waste results.

Restaurants and Food Services

We’ve created one-stop shopping plans that provide flexibility, cost efficiencies and complete sustainability with solutions for managing animal by-products and grease.


Among other solutions for schools, we offer grease removal and preventative plumbing programs that minimize costs and provide savings.

Special Events and Catering

Our quick and efficient grease and trap pumping programs can save you time and money.

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