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Special Events & Catering

Catering Reinvented With Sustainable Solutions

In the vibrant world of catering, spanning from gourmet food trucks to lavish wedding venues and exhilarating carnivals, the aftermath of an event often generates significant amounts of used cooking oil. While this might seem like a logistical challenge, it’s also a great opportunity for sustainability.

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Putting Used Cooking Oil in the Spotlight

Imagine turning the remnants of your catering event into a force for good. At Baker Commodities, we take pride in assisting businesses like yours with special event waste recycling — because being environmentally conscious isn’t just a duty. It’s a brand statement.

Grease Management for Caterers and Special Events

Here are some reasons why our grease management services are the solution for you:

  • Grease removal service: We efficiently collect and remove grease from events, making it easier for caterers to clean up.
  • Grease trap pumping: Our precision and efficiency guarantee the effective removal of grease, ensuring your venue remains pristine.
  • Drain cleaning: Beyond just clearing blockages, we restore the vigor of your drainage system, ensuring smooth operations at every event.
  • High-pressure power washing: Revel in transforming your spaces with our advanced washing technology, restoring the gleam and getting them ready for your next big event.
  • Total water recovery: Witness water conservation at its finest. Our systems ensure minimal waste because every drop counts.
  • Preventative maintenance: We’re always one step ahead, helping to prevent potential issues and providing uninterrupted catering services.

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From bustling city venues to serene countryside retreats, our reach spans wide. Wherever your event takes you, we’re right there with our unmatched services.

Equip Your Event for Excellence

Our equipment matches your catering requirements:

Special Events & Catering

The Baker Commodities Difference

When you work with us, we aren’t just a service — we’re a partner in your success, and our Total Grease Management® is a promise of sustainability. We handle everything, from the initial grease collection to its transformation into biofuel or animal feed, turning waste into wonders. Reimagine your catering experience, making it greener, cleaner and supremely efficient. Baker Commodities is here to elevate every event, ensuring you serve delightful dishes and contribute to a sustainable future. Connect with us to craft your personalized grease management program for special events.

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