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Special Events & Catering

Business Solutions for Catering and Special Events

Catering and special events call for versatile food production that can generate a lot of used cooking oil. Taking care of this grease responsibly is essential for meeting local and environmental regulations. Plus, caring for your plumbing can prevent costly issues. Baker Commodities provides many services to make grease management easy on catering and special events businesses.

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Our Special Events & Catering Equipment

Total Grease Management®

Our Total Grease Management® program includes several different services wrapped into one package. We provide grease collection, along with regular maintenance, trap and drain cleaning, and plumbing services to keep your operation running smoothly. We’ll create a custom plan for your operation that includes everything in the same bill using some or all of the following services:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Grease collection
  • Grease trap and interceptor pumping services
  • High-powered pressure washing with total water recovery
  • Preventive maintenance

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Used Cooking Oil Collection

Getting rid of your used cooking oil is necessary to keep it out of sewers and meet regulatory obligations. We can set up regular pickups to take your used cooking oil and turn it into useful new materials for creating products such as biofuel and animal feed.

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Grease Trap and Interceptor Pumping

We also offer grease trap and interceptor pumping to keep lines clean and clear. Our expert technicians can thoroughly remove grease, water waste and solid materials before sending them off to Baker Commodities’ environmentally friendly recycling facilities.

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Plumbing Services & Preventive Maintenance

Reduce plumbing problems through proactive care and preventive maintenance. Our expert technicians provide customized solutions for cleaning and servicing grease traps, sewer lines, floor drains and sinks. We can help you keep the drains unclogged and avoid expensive fixes and downtime.

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Cold Storage

We have cold storage services available for cold and frozen goods in our state-of-the-art facility.

Special Events & Catering

Catering Grease Services, Cleaning and Plumbing From Baker Commodities

With our wide range of services, Baker Commodities can exceed your grease management and plumbing needs for a safe, clean environment. We create a customized program with one bill for all of our services, including equipment, technology, scheduled services and preventive maintenance.

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