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Industrial Grease Management

Industrial Business Solutions

When it comes to industrial grease management, there are many different aspects to control, including plumbing and cleaning requirements. At Baker Commodities, we offer a wide range of services for industrial facilities to conveniently and easily manage grease and animal by-products.

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Total Grease Management®

However grease appears in your industrial facility, we can help you control it through collecting, cleaning and other services. We can help you maintain clean systems and get rid of grease in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

All the material we collect, such as grease, gets recycled and refined. We then turn the by-products into items that can be used in other industries, from biofuel to soap and animal feed. This process gives the material a new life and provides a much more environmentally friendly solution than sending waste to a landfill.

Our Total Grease Management® services include:

  • Grease collection.
  • Drain cleaning.
  • Grease trap and interceptor pumping services.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • High-powered pressure washing with total water recovery.

We can provide these services in an easy-to-manage plan with a convenient bill, whether you need them all or just one or two.

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Plumbing and Preventive Maintenance

A critical part of managing a business that works with commercial quantities of grease is taking care of the plumbing. If you don’t regularly maintain and clean your drains, grease trap and interceptor systems, solids, grease, fats and oils can clog an outbound sewer line, leading to costly problems. We can help keep your pipes running clear and reduce downtime due to plumbing issues.

We offer cleaning and regular service as well as emergency service for grease traps, sewer lines, floor drains and sinks.

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Industrial Solutions From Baker Commodities

Baker Commodities has been serving the industrial sector for decades. Our expert technicians and representatives know these facilities’ unique needs and can help deliver the right industrial grease management solution for your company.

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