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Commercial Properties

Business Solutions for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties can encompass a wide range of different business activities — many of which generate hard-to-manage waste, such as used cooking oil and animal by-products. Whether your commercial property includes a large office building with a busy cafeteria or a string of small restaurants, we can help you manage the animal waste products that come from day-to-day operations with a custom-built solution.

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Total Grease Management® and Individual Services

Our Total Grease Management® program rolls several different services into one easy plan:

  • Grease collection
  • Drain cleaning
  • Grease trap and interceptor pumping services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • High-power pressure washing with total water recovery

Whether you’re looking for one or all of the above solutions, we can set up the right program for you.

Remove grease and used cooking oil responsibly with the help of Baker Commodities. When we collect grease, we process it, filtering out impurities and turning it into a product with a new life. Grease can then be used in everything from soaps and rubber to biofuel. By sending your grease to us, you can take a more eco-friendly approach.

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Keeping the drains clean and clear can help you meet local ordinances and environmental regulations while reducing the costs of expensive plumbing fixes and the downtime that comes with them. We offer preventive maintenance and plumbing services for your grease trap, sewer lines, floor drains and sinks.

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Grease Management Services for Commercial Properties From Baker Commodities

We’ve been around as a trusted, family-owned company since 1937. Whatever business happens on your commercial property, work with the experts to responsibly manage grease and waste. In addition to the solutions listed above, we also offer other services such as cold storage, equipment and animal by-product collection.

Reach out to us at 855-422-5370 or to start setting up your commercial property waste management solution.

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