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Helping Restaurants Be More Sustainable

At Baker Commodities, we offer many different services for restaurants, such as grease collection, used cooking oil removal and drain cleaning. We can help you keep your system running smoothly while providing responsible, environmentally friendly restaurant grease removal services.

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More Than Just Restaurant Grease Removal

We deliver solutions to regularly take care of the collection, cleaning and maintenance of your restaurant grease and plumbing systems.

Total Grease Management® for Restaurants

Through our Total Grease Management® umbrella, all of the grease we collect, whether through easy grease pickups at your restaurant or cleaning and maintenance, gets rendered and recycled into useful ingredients for products such as biofuel, animal feed and soap. With responsible fryer oil disposal, you’re choosing an eco-friendly solution that keeps materials out of landfills.

Total Grease Management® includes the following services, and you can choose all or some of them in a custom plan:

  • Restaurant grease trap and interceptor pumping services
  • Restaurant grease collection
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Drain cleaning
  • High-powered pressure washing with total water recovery

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Used Restaurant Cooking Oil & Grease Collection

Remove your cooking oil with a trusted disposal company and keep it out of drains and landfills. We offer convenient restaurant grease pick up services of waste oil on a schedule that works for you.

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Plumbing and Preventative Maintenance

Grease can cause pipe problems. That’s why we offer regular cleanings and preventive maintenance or step in as-needed for emergency plumbing support for grease traps, sewer lines, floor drains and sinks.

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Restaurant Grease Trap and Interceptor Pumping

Poor cleaning practices can lead to clogged drains. Fortunately, our expert technicians use techniques such as commercial hydrojet drain cleaning and video inspection processes for grease trap and interceptor cleaning and maintenance. We can perform these services regularly or in emergencies to keep you up and running.

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If you’re looking for ways to become more sustainable in your restaurant or commercial kitchen, Baker Commodities has the solution for you! Contact us about our restaurant grease removal services and more today!

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Restaurants & Food Services

Why Partner With Baker Commodities For Your Restaurant Services

At Baker Commodities, we’ve been in business for decades as a trusted provider of many different services for restaurants. You can trust us to help you create a clean and safe environment in your restaurant.

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