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Helping Restaurants Be More Sustainable

Dining has evolved, and so have the standards of waste management. With a growing emphasis on environmental responsibility, restaurants need comprehensive recycling solutions. The desire to better manage by-products from our culinary delights, such as disposing of used cooking oil, is at the heart of this update.

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Restaurant Grease Removal

At Baker Commodities, we understand the significance of managing used cooking oil. Beyond responsible restaurant grease removal and disposal service reducing environmental harm, it also safeguards efficiency. It buffers the longevity of your establishment’s plumbing systems.

Turning to a trusted partner is essential — and that’s where we come in. Used cooking oil and other waste could easily disrupt the environment and your operations without proper management.

Comprehensive Restaurant Grease Solutions

Our suite of services, under Total Grease Management®, perfectly suits eateries. We ensure the grease we collect, through our restaurant grease recycling service, has a place to go. We repurpose it into valuable commodities like biofuel and animal feed. Our holistic approach offers the following:

  • Grease trap pumping and interceptor services: We do more than clear out the grease. We rejuvenate your entire kitchen system. With Baker Commodities, you enjoy more than a service. We transform how you do business.
  • Restaurant grease removal: You experience more than used oil removal with us. We usher in updated cleanliness and efficiency. We promote a kitchen that feels, smells and operates at its peak.
  • Preventive maintenance: We’re your proactive partners, predicting and preventing potential pitfalls. That is more than maintenance. It’s foresight in action. Experience less downtime and more dynamic operations.
  • Drain cleaning: We ensure swift flow, eliminating blockage risks and ensuring continuous operations.
  • High-powered pressure washing with total water recovery: Experience a new level of cleanliness. Our state-of-the-art equipment washes away grime. It also revitalizes surfaces, making them look, feel and function like new.
  • Customizable Total Grease Management®: When you choose us, you’re selecting an eco-champion. Every drop of grease we collect finds a second life, whether it’s biofuel, animal feed or soap.
  • Emergency plumbing support: Our rapid-response team will be at your doorstep ASAP. We do more than deliver top-tier services — we ensure peace of mind.

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Grease Trap Pressure Washing Preventative Plumbing

Restaurant Grease Recycling Across The U.S.

Our services are not limited to one niche or locality. Whether you run a bustling city diner or a quaint countryside café, our fleet and team are always within reach, ready to cater to your restaurant grease recycling needs.

Cutting-Edge Tools for Precision and Efficiency

Our services boast state-of-the-art equipment. We use only the best high-tech power washing tools for efficient grease collection, and the result is seamless, hassle-free services tailored for your convenience.

Restaurants & Food Services

Why Choose Baker Commodities?

Baker Commodities stands out in the following ways:

  • Holistic solutions: We recycle, repurpose and reimagine waste.
  • Experienced team: We offer seasoned advanced techniques for efficient grease management.
  • Green approach: By converting waste into biofuel, animal feed and other products, we’re doing our bit for the planet and you.

Partner with Baker Commodities, where we blend efficiency with environmental responsibility, making your restaurant’s journey toward sustainability seamless. Contact us to schedule a consultation for restaurant grease disposal.

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