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Simplifying the Cleaning Process in Your Restaurant

Simplifying the Cleaning Process in Your Restaurant

Cleaning is a significant part of restaurant management and operations, as these businesses often serve many customers throughout the day and deal with messes in the dining room and the kitchen. With a few expert strategies, you can streamline the cleaning process, making it faster, simpler and more pleasant for employees.

Strategies for Streamlining Restaurant Cleaning and Maintenance

Restaurant cleaning and maintenance take dedicated effort. Here are a few restaurant cleaning procedures you can follow to streamline the process:

Start With a Clean Base

Restaurant cleaning and maintenance are more manageable when you stay ahead of cleanliness tasks. A restaurant can start fresh by having staff come in outside of business hours to do deep cleaning they can’t do during their normal shifts. Handling maintenance for fryers, sinks and drains during off hours is also helpful to avoid breakdowns during the work day.

Minimize Waste

Restaurants often accumulate waste like food, cooking oil and plastic products. Implementing sustainable practices like recycling helps the environment and improves waste management.

Split the Work

Split the Work

Assign cleaning tasks to staff based on where they work in the restaurant. For example, cooks can clean the kitchen, while bussers can focus on the front of house area. When each staff member has a dedicated section, there is more accountability, and everything is more likely to get cleaned.

Set a Cleaning Schedule

Some cleaning tasks should occur daily, while others only need to happen every few weeks. Create a list of everyday tasks, monthly additions and yearly cleaning jobs and set a schedule to ensure they get done.

Fresh Oil Systems

Offer Benefits

A reward system often motivates employees to go above and beyond. Create a scoring system to evaluate cleanliness and reward the workers who put more effort toward ensuring the restaurant stays clean and in good condition.

Leave It to an Expert

While restaurant staff can mop floors, wipe down surfaces and do other basic cleaning tasks, sometimes it’s best to let someone else handle more difficult jobs. Outside experts can perform deep cleaning or cooking oil management to take some of the burden from your hands. Some cleaning tasks must be done by a licensed expert, like disposing of grease traps.

Manage Restaurant Byproducts and Cleaning With Baker Commodities

Manage Restaurant Byproducts and Cleaning With Baker Commodities

Baker Commodities offers restaurant grease solutions to help you manage your restaurant cleaning and maintenance. We remove and recycle grease, clean drains, and provide preventive maintenance on your plumbing to keep your restaurant cleaner.

Simplify cleaning by leaving grease management to us. Reach out online today to see how we can introduce sustainable practices that support restaurant cleanliness.