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Sustainably Recycled Products

The Cool Stuff We Offer

Recycling is good for the planet, but not everyone knows just how many different products are recyclable. After all, people don’t typically consider things such as used cooking oil, bone and blood from animals to be recyclable materials — but that’s exactly what they are. The generated products from these materials are also particularly powerful.

Baker Commodities, Inc. recycles animal by-products and kitchen waste into valuable products that can be used to feed livestock, power vehicles and act as a base for everyday items such as soap and clothing.

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What We Make

Our products include feeding fats, tallow, protein meal and yellow grease. We also prepare hides for the leather manufacturing industry and supply the ingredients for biodiesel and renewable diesel production to facilities around the world. Our team practices thorough testing and responsible rendering processes to ensure that our organically recycled products reach high-quality standards.

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  • Biodiesel: Animal fats help us create a non-toxic biodegradable diesel fuel substitute produced from renewable sources, namely used cooking oil.
  • HidesWe perform the initial process in the transformation of cattle hides into leather goods.
  • Yellow Grease: Our yellow grease is produced from the recycling of used cooking oil and utilized as a high energy feed and an ingredient in biodiesel fuel.
  • Protein Meal: Meat and bone meal is used as a protein and energy supplement in poultry and swine feed, as well as pet food. We only create our meat meal with high-quality raw materials treated to kill pathogens and ground for easy incorporation into feed products. Protein meal delivers highly digestible and protein-dense ingredients.
  • Tallow: Tallow is the purified fat produced from the rendering of animal by-products. It’s used in a variety of ways, including for the production of biodiesel, renewable diesel, animal feed, soap, lubricants, cosmetics, paints, organic detergents and plastics.
  • Feeding Fats: We create quality blends of animal fats and vegetable oils produced by the rendering of mammals and poultry. Our feeding fats deliver high-caloric ingredients in feed production.

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Working With Baker Commodities

At Baker Commodities, Inc. our rendered products go through rigorous testing to ensure high levels of quality. You can trust our tried-and-true procedures to deliver a high-performing product.

If you’re one of the businesses that generates animal by-products, you can rely on us to save the by-products from the landfill and deliver new life to these materials. We’ll turn these otherwise wasteful products into powerful new items, such as creating biodiesel from waste cooking oil.

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