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Markets & Butcher Shops

Butcher Waste Disposal for Markets & Butchers

Markets and butchers deal with all the different parts and pieces that come off of an animal, from bones and hides to blood and fat. Instead of sending these materials to a landfill, you can give them new life by recycling butcher scraps into products such as biofuel, animal feed, clothing and solvents.

In addition to fat and bone waste removal, Baker Commodities offers a wide range of services such as animal by-product collection and grease management.

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Animal By-Product Collection

Our efficient fleet of trucks provides fat and bone collection services on a schedule that works for you. We make it easy to manage meat trimmings, deli sections and unwanted animal bones through simple and fast services with one company.

We’ll take these butcher waste and give them a new purpose, keeping them out of landfills and supporting the work of other industries. Knowing how to dispose of meat bones responsibly is a critical component of an environmentally friendly operation.

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Total Grease Management®

With a Total Grease Management® plan, we can collect your used cooking oil and keep your systems clean, serviced and well-maintained. Set up a custom plan that includes all or some of the services listed below:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Grease collection
  • Grease trap and interceptor pumping services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • High-powered pressure washing with total water recovery

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Grease Trap Pumping

Taking care of your grease trap and interceptor system can prevent solids, fats and oils from clogging the sewer lines. We offer regular or as-needed cleaning from experienced technicians who use commercial hydrojetting and video inspections to keep pipes clean and clear.

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Used Cooking Oil Collection

If used cooking oil is part of your work, we can set up regular, convenient pickups to remove it. Keep cooking oil out of sewers and opt for an environmentally friendly waste management approach with help from Baker Commodities.

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The Baker Commodities Advantage

Baker Commodities offers all these services and more under one roof. Our expert technicians and representatives can help make animal by-product collection and grease management easy.

Reach out to us at 855-422-5370 or to learn more!

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