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New Leaf Biofuel

New Leaf Biofuel Expansion

New Leaf Biofuel has expanded its facilities to double its output of biodiesel fuel, a cleaner alternative to petroleum diesel. New Leaf upcycles used cooking oil into low-carbon biodiesel in California, decreasing carbon emissions in the area. This cooking oil is a plentiful source in California. New Leaf collects it from over 2,000 restaurants, where it would otherwise become more waste filling up a landfill.

Since cooking oil was previously a waste product, using it to meet the demand for renewable fuels has significant benefits for the environment. Currently, New Leaf Biofuel has produced millions of gallons of biodiesel, and its new biodiesel plant will allow the company to create even more fuel in less time.

Positive Impact of the Biofuel San Diego Plant

The new biofuel plant in San Diego will meet the increasing fuel demands in the California area. California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard encourages businesses to produce fewer carbon emissions. New Leaf Biofuel wants to make a difference in this endeavor, and the company’s new plant enables it to make a larger impact.

New Leaf’s biodiesel production facility will double the previous output of biofuel, as it can produce 12 million gallons annually. In contrast, the last plant produced 5 million gallons of biofuel per year. Other advantages of the upgraded biodiesel plant include:

  • A top-of-the-line automation system.
  • Improved methanol recovery.
  • Updated facilities.
  • New bioreactors.

After the shutdown in March 2020, New Leaf Biofuel accelerated its San Diego biofuel facility’s production in response to the growing demand for biofuels in California. With New Leaf’s upgraded biodiesel production facility, the company can continue to provide sustainable fuel at a more efficient rate.

Contact Baker Commodities for Sustainability Services

At Baker Commodities, we offer biodiesel and natural biodiesel ingredients to facilities around the world in an effort to help the environment. We perform various collection services for:

We specialize in providing services for multiple industries, so we understand how to customize our services to fit your business. Our sustainable solutions include:

  • Providing Total Grease Management®We offer a variety of custom grease cleaning services, from our grease trap and interceptor systems to our high-pressure power washing services, so you can pick the grease management solution that’s right for your business.
  • Collecting animal by-products: Our fleet of trucks transports poultry and other meat products to our environmentally friendly facility on a regular schedule.
  • Offering cold storage solutions: We have various high-quality cooler products that can hold significant amounts of meat without high operational costs.
  • Handling animal mortalitiesBecause animal mortalities can cause larger complications, we collect and recycle them with our state-of-the-art processing services.

Baker Commodities has been in the sustainability business since 1937. We’re dedicated to providing solutions that protect our environment while supporting multiple industries. To learn more about our capabilities, browse our services page or contact us today to improve your company’s sustainability practices.