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Rochester, NY

Grease Removal Services in Rochester, New York

As the third-largest city in New York State, Rochester is home to the Genesee River and three beautiful waterfalls. At Baker Commodities, we’re committed to keeping Rochester and the entire Northeast region beautiful.

We are experts in preventative maintenance, collection of used cooking oil and grease trap pumping in New York and the other areas we serve.

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Grease Recycling Services In Rochester & Northeast Region

Baker Commodities provides a range of grease management, plumbing and rendering services to Rochester, New York, business owners. Count on us for:

Benefits of Choosing Baker Commodities

When you choose Baker Commodities for your grease collection in New York, you will experience high-quality waste management services for various industries. Whether you operate a school, restaurant or butcher shop, working with our team for rendering and grease removal in Rochester offers a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Environmental initiatives: Our state-of-the-art technology and high standards at our manufacturing facilities enables us to operate as a carbon-negative company. When you trust us as your partner in meeting your environmental initiatives, you can feel confident we will meet and exceed local regulations to help you reach your sustainability goals.
  • High-quality customer service: We pride ourselves on putting our customers first, which is why our customer service team is available 24/7. If you are in an emergency situation, we will arrive as soon as possible, and we are happy to remain on the line or at your location for as long as you need assistance.
  • Extensive industry expertise: Baker Commodities has been serving clients across the United States since 1937, making us a knowledgeable choice for delivering reliable products and services. We have been an industry leader since the creation of our company and will use our combined skills and experience to develop creative solutions.


When you contract with Baker Commodities, we’ll make sure we find the appropriate frequencies and containers for managing your waste products. Our team can then recycle them into goods used around the world.

Our team will ensure we handle everything to code, provide high-quality equipment to make that task easier and offer 24-hour service for emergencies. We make ourselves available every day throughout the year so that we can report to your business when you need us.

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