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Grease Removal Services in Portland, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon, is recognized as a gastronomic haven with a booming art scene and coffee culture. Restaurants and other food service facilities in Portland and the Pacific Northwest region count on Baker Commodities as a sustainable partner for their used cooking oil needs, including hydrojetting and efficient grease trap pumping services. We provide businesses with environmentally friendly used cooking oil recycling services.

We offer our services to all eateries in Portland. Whether you run a busy metropolitan diner or a modest country café, our personnel are always nearby, ready to meet your restaurant grease recycling needs. We utilize cutting-edge equipment for effective grease collection, resulting in a smooth, hassle-free service adapted to your demands.

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Restaurant Recycling Services Portland, OR

Grease and oil must be disposed of properly. Spilling grease down your drains causes blockages and sewage overflows, while dumping it outside leads to soil pollution and violates city codes. Sustainable grease disposal benefits the biodiesel and renewable diesel sectors by offering an ecologically favorable fuel option.

At Baker Commodities, we dedicate ourselves to environmentally friendly grease disposal. That is why we provide various methods for removing oil and grease from your building. Large containers, tanks and automatic pumping systems are among the types of equipment we offer to assist you in collecting grease and spent oil.

Our automated collecting methods prevent your employees from touching the oil directly. We believe in a hands-off approach to dealing with your oil and grease, which improves efficiency and safety. In addition to our collecting equipment, we provide grease and used cooking oil pickup in Portland and the surrounding regions.

We also collect animal by-products from food service operations, restaurants that perform their own butchering and other locations. We return this material to our rendering factory for recycling into biodiesel, tallow, protein meal, feeding fats and yellow grease.

Grease Trap Pumping for Restaurants

Regular grease trap maintenance keeps sediments, greases, fats and oils from blocking your sewer systems. Baker Commodities provides reliable grease interceptor pumping services that adhere to all applicable standards and requirements.

We will remove solids, wastewater and grease from your grease trap system. Once we have completed the collection, we take the material to our recycling facilities, and we give you a detailed report and evidence of service for your records.

Total Grease Management® Services

Baker Commodities’ manufacturing facilities recycle millions of pounds of used cooking oil and animal by-products that would otherwise undergo waste disposal. Count on us for grease collection, rendering and other value-added services, such as:

  • Preventative maintenance: We use video cameras to check your sewer systems and identify any faults to help you save money. Other maintenance services include hydrojetting and basic plumbing. Preventative maintenance is a value-added service you will appreciate in the long term, as it preserves your system’s longevity.

Receive Used Cooking Oil Services in Portland, OR

At Baker Commodities, we are committed to helping customers protect the environment and reduce pollution. We provide 24/7 customer support and offer a national account service number (855-422-5370) for businesses to call when in need. You can also trust that our Total Grease Management® services will be listed on one bill for transparency and peace of mind. If your business could benefit from used oil removal or grease trap pumping services in Portland and the Pacific Northwest, contact us today to learn more.

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