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Grease Collection Services in Portland, ME

The bustling town of Portland, Maine, is home to many restaurants and other food service facilities. Here at Baker Commodities, we assist many businesses in the city and surrounding areas with grease and oil collection services, helping them adhere to state laws and reduce their carbon footprint. We take pride in offering our clients environmentally friendly services that contribute to a greener society.

Our Used Cooking Oil Services

It is essential to follow the correct method of grease and oil disposal. Pouring grease down your drains will lead to severe clogs and sewer overflows, and disposing of it outside contributes to soil contamination and goes against municipal laws. Proper grease disposal supports the biodiesel and renewable diesel industries, providing an environmentally friendly fuel alternative.

Baker Commodities is committed to sustainable grease disposal. That’s why we provide several options to remove oil and grease from your facility. We offer equipment to help you collect your grease and used oil, such as large containers, tanks and automatic pumping systems.

Our automatic collection systems prevent your staff from handling the oil themselves. We believe in a hands-off approach when it comes to working with your oil and grease, improving safety and efficiency. In addition to collection products, we offer grease and used oil pickups in Portland, Maine, and the surrounding areas to remove these materials from your grease trap system. Once we collect these materials, we will take them back to our facility to be recycled.

Value-Added Services

At Baker Commodities, we are more than a grease collection company. We are your one-stop shop for all your grease and used oil needs, from storage equipment to regular drain and trap cleaning services. Some of our other useful services include:

  • Animal by-product rendering: We regularly collect animal by-products from supermarkets, butcher shops and other sites. We take this material back to our rendering facility, where we recycle the material and make products such as biodiesel, protein meal, feeding fats, tallow and yellow grease.
  • Drain cleaning and plumbing: Baker Commodities proudly offers hydrojetting services to keep your plumbing in optimal condition. Our advanced hydrojet equipment will remove even the most stubborn grease and debris from your plumbing. These regular cleanups prevent periods of downtime and protect your plumbing system.
  • Total Grease Management Program®: Our Total Grease Management Program® also includes preventive trap maintenance and repairs. We can tailor this program to meet your industry’s unique requirements. For instance, we can customize the frequency of regular inspections and maintenance to suit your schedule and preferences.

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We value our customers and strive to create an excellent experience by providing high-quality products, comprehensive services and 24/7 support. As a family-owned business with over 80 years of industry experience, we put our customers first by supporting their businesses with environmentally friendly solutions.

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Choose the sustainable course by allowing us to dispose of your grease and used oil safely and efficiently. Reach out to us for more information on our grease management services in Portland, ME, and throughout the Northeast.