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Grease Recycling In Phoenix and the Southwest

Located in one of the greenest deserts in North America, Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is known for its natural beauty and striking natural rock formations. Visitors and residents can enjoy the South Mountain Park Preserve, the United States’ largest municipal park. With over 50 miles of trails, this beautiful nature preserve is the perfect place for mountain bikers, hikers and horseback riders to spend time outdoors. At Baker Commodities in Phoenix, Arizona, we are committed to maintaining the surrounding landscape’s natural state.

Our team sees value in preserving the city’s stunning views, and we also offer services to areas throughout the Southwest and Four Corners region of the United States.

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Services Available in Phoenix and the Southwest

Baker Commodities offers various solutions to preserve the beauty of Phoenix while assisting your business, whether you run a schoolrestaurantanimal and dairy farmbutcher shop or another operation. You can rely on us to deliver the following grease collection and rendering services for your Phoenix, Arizona, business:

Animal By-Product Recycling
Our rendering process converts animal by-products into valuable commodities such as fertilizer, animal feed, personal care products and fuel.

Animal Mortalities
Our team can collect and recycle animal mortalities, rendering these materials to provide needed products for other industries, prevent disease and protect the environment.

Drain Cleaning and Plumbing
At Baker Commodities, we can remove your leftover debris and even the strongest grease with our high-tech hydrojetters.

Restaurant Grease Collection
We offer a wide range of used cooking oil and grease removal service options to meet our customers’ needs in Phoenix and our other service areas.

Grease Trap and Interceptor Pumping
We will safely and effectively remove wastewater and trap grease from your restaurant’s interceptor systems according to environmental regulations and local ordinances.

Why Choose Baker Commodities in Phoenix, Arizona?

You can experience several advantages when you choose Baker Commodities for our services, such as grease collection and grease trap pumping for your Phoenix, Arizona, business. These include:

  • Exceptional customer service: We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality experience to our customers, providing prompt and effective solutions when you need them. To best serve you, we’ll arrive as soon as possible for your emergency situations and ensure we are available throughout the year to answer your call.
  • Valuable environmental initiatives: Our team understands the importance of preserving the environment, which is why our operations adhere to and exceed local regulations. Our high standards and industry enable us to minimize our footprint, operating effectively as a carbon negative company. As a result, you can trust that partnering with us benefits the environment.
  • Top-quality industry expertise: In business since 1937, we have the expertise necessary to deliver valuable products and services and continue designing creative solutions to improve our processes. We have been the leader in innovation since our founding, so you can rest assured you’ll receive the best rendering and grease removal services in Phoenix and the other areas we serve.

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At Baker Commodities, we care about helping customers while improving the environment. By assisting with preserving the areas we serve, like the natural beauty of Phoenix, Arizona, we hope to make the world a better and healthier place.

Interested in choosing us for grease collection in Arizona? Contact us today to learn more about our services and speak to a team member about benefiting from our solutions!

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