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Orange County, CA

Oil Pickup in Orange County

Orange County is a gem of the Southern California region. With its chic shops, restaurants, theme parks and beaches, residents and tourists have no shortage of spots to enjoy. At Baker Commodities, we want to preserve the integrity of this beloved county and others around our nation. Our sustainable oil collection and removal solutions are a testament to this goal.

Learn more about our grease recycling services in Orange County and beyond!

Used Cooking Oil Recycling in Orange County

Disposing of cooking oil and grease is a necessity for any commercial kitchen. Baker Commodities specializes in fresh and used cooking oil management systems tailored to your needs. Our leakproof units can safely contain and transport oil for recycling applications. They can also dispense, filter and monitor fresh oil for daily use.

These containers can accommodate virtually any space, keeping your kitchen and waste area safe, clean and productive. Additionally, our drain filters and locking mechanisms help prevent grease theft. Our specialists can work with you to select the right options for your facility’s size, dimensions and storage needs.

After picking up your oil, our experts will recycle and reclaim it to satisfy other industrial uses, like lubricants, varnishes, biodiesel and more.

Other Services We Offer

While grease recycling is our specialty, our solutions reach beyond oil collection and pickup. Here are some other value-added services we provide:

  • Drain cleaning: Our advanced hydrojetting equipment can take on even the most challenging grease and grime. Let us help you keep your drain systems polished and up to code.
  • Cold storage: Our warehouses can store small and large volumes of perishable products. To make your operations simpler and more efficient, consider outsourcing your commercial cold storage needs to Baker Commodities.

Why Choose Baker?

You can enjoy several benefits by partnering with Baker Commodities for your oil management needs, like:

  • State-of-the-art equipment: We use a range of innovative solutions, including hydrojet drain cleaning equipment, high-power pressure washers, durable containment tanks and lock systems. Our specialized equipment allows us to provide quality, comprehensive oil collection programs.
  • Environmental commitment: Our collection processes aim to protect the environment as much as possible. We recycle used cooking oil and animal by-products that would otherwise occupy our nation’s landfills. Additionally, our solutions comply with all air pollution and odor abatement regulations.
  • Emergency support and 24/7 availability: Need someone at your facility as soon as possible for emergency services? Contact Baker Commodities, and we’ll make it happen.
  • Versatile solutions: We serve a broad variety of industries, including farms, food processing facilities, schools and restaurants. Baker also caters to many locations around the country.

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Baker Commodities is your one-stop shop for oil collection and removal in Orange County and nationwide. If you’re interested in partnering with us or learning more about our services, reach out to our team today!