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Grandview, WA

Transfer Station: Serving the Pacific Northwest Region

Grandview, Washington, offers residents a suburban feel and a multitude of stunning parks. At Baker Commodities, we strive to keep Grandview as beautiful as possible by enabling businesses to have a positive environmental impact.

Our grease removal and rendering services in Grandview and throughout the Northwest support the restaurant and foodservice industries via sustainable methods.

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Keep Washington Beautiful

Services Available in Grandview & the Pacific Northwest

Trust Baker Commodities for a wide range of grease management, plumbing and rendering services such as:

  • Animal By-Product RecyclingOur modern fleet of trucks regularly gathers and transports animal by-products from butcher shops, supermarkets and poultry and meat processing plants to our rendering facilities.
  • Grease CollectionWe provide various options for used cooking oil removal, including automatic pumping systems inside storage tanks, traditional barrel and drum services and container handling.
  • Grease Trap & Interceptor PumpingBaker Commodities’ grease trap pumping service allows for the safe disposal and removal of wastewater and trap grease from restaurant interceptor systems.
  • High-Pressure Power-Washing w/Water RecoveryBaker Commodities provides all-inclusive, on-site degreasing and pressure-washing with full wastewater recovery services for decks, drive-thrus, parking lots, sidewalks, corrals and trash areas.

Benefits of Working With Baker Commodities in Grandview, Washington

In Grandview, Washington, Baker Commodities offers expert advice for Total Grease Management®, which involves used cooking oil collection, preventive maintenance and grease trap pumping. Our professional service offerings prioritize your satisfaction, meaning we will guide you in finding ideal options for your Washington company. We are also available at any hour on any day of the week to provide emergency services.

When you work with us, you’ll enjoy several benefits, including:

  • High environmental quality standards.
  • Recycling of virtually all materials collected.
  • Superior service and 24-hour response to emergencies.
  • High-quality services that meet and exceed local requirements.

Reach Out to Us for Grease Collection in the Pacific Northwest

If you’re interested in our Total Grease Management® services in Grandview, Washington, or the rest of the Pacific Northwest region, contact us today! As your provider for grease collection, by-product rendering and fat and bone collection, we ensure that you cut down on your company’s pollution.

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