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Central Valley, CA

Grease Removal Around the Central Valley

Companies seeking grease collection and removal in Central Valley, CA, and surrounding areas can depend on Baker Commodities, Inc. for quality service. Learn more about how we can serve you below.


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Rendering and Oil Pickup in Central Valley, California

Baker Commodities is proud to serve Central Valley, California, and the entire Southwest region. This region’s expansive greenery is filled with farms, orchards and vineyards. With the area being a hub for food and wine, visitors travel here to dine in trendy eateries, attend live entertainment events and tour the finest galleries or museums all year round.

Our team strives to keep our communities as beautiful as possible. We enable local restaurants, schools, animal and dairy farms, butcher shops and other businesses to leave a positive impact on the environment with sustainable methods. We do this by offering rendering and grease recycling throughout the Central Valley and surrounding areas.

Services Available in the Southwest Region

At Baker Commodities, our array of grease management, rendering and plumbing services includes:

  • Animal by-product recycling: Our team drives a fleet of trucks and collects animal by-products from supermarkets, butcher shops, and meat and poultry processing plants. We complete recycling to eliminate waste and convert materials into other useful products.
  • Animal mortalities: Collaborating with dairy and cattle industries, our professionals handle animal mortality services to prevent disease, protect the environment and provide necessary products for other industries.
  • Drain cleaning and plumbing: Our experts offer assistance to maintain a reliable plumbing network by completing hydrojet commercial plumbing and drain cleaning services.
  • Grease collection and cooking oil removal: We cater to the food service sector with cooking oil removal so you can prevent clogged drains, penalties and fines. Our team offers used cooking oil recycling in and around the Central Valley.
  • Restaurant grease trap and interceptor pumping: Our professionals prevent oils, grease, fats and solids from clogging your outbound sewer lines. We recommend weekly cleanings for your grease trap system and monthly or quarterly cleanings for your interceptor.
  • High-pressure power washing with water recovery: We help you leave a good first impression with a clean, well-maintained exterior. Our experts provide pressure washing with full wastewater recovery and on-site degreasing for exterior areas such as sidewalks, decks, drive-thrus, corrals, parking lots and trash zones.

Why Partner With Baker Commodities, Inc.?

Baker Commodities is a family-owned and trusted business. Since we started our company in 1937, we’ve become a leading provider of grease removal and rendering throughout the nation. We’re proud to provide our clients with:

  • Twenty-four-hour availability: Our friendly customer service team is available to assist you at all times. We provide detailed guidance so you can exceed your local requirements and achieve your goals.
  • Reliable emergency response: We are committed to providing fast relief and peace of mind. Our experts provide 24-hour responses for emergencies.
  • Valuable environmental initiatives: Our team operates a carbon-negative business. We help clients make a positive impact in their communities with sustainable efforts.
  • Top-quality industry expertise: We have the expertise needed to deliver valuable products and services. Our professionals continue to design creative, innovative solutions in the grease removal and rendering industry.

Improve Your Waste Management System

Baker Commodities is your one-stop shop for collection, rendering and recycling services throughout Central Valley and the Southwest region. To get started, contact our team today! We’ll customize a sustainable plan suiting your needs.

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