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Boston, MA

Restaurant Grease Recycling in Boston

Baker Commodities is your trusted source for grease collection throughout Boston and the Northeast region. We provide superior restaurant grease collection and management services to ensure sustainable disposal and regulatory compliance, enabling you to focus more on running your business.

Explore Our Grease Recycling Solution in Boston

Baker Commodities possesses the experience, equipment and resources that allow us to offer full-service grease collection and meet your every need. Through our Total Grease Management® services, we enable you to avoid the potential repercussions of improperly disposed cooking oil, such as penalties, fines and clogged drains that can affect your operations and reputation.

Grease Collection Services

We offer comprehensive used cooking oil pickup services for restaurants and commercial kitchens throughout Boston and the Northeast region. Choose one service from our variety of offerings or select multiple options depending on your business’s operations. We give you the flexibility to tailor your grease management program to suit your needs and preferences.

Grease Trap Pumping and Cleaning

Our technicians can efficiently access interceptor systems to collect grease and wastewater from your grease traps. We complete a full evacuation method, removing all water, solids and greases within your grease trap. As a licensed vendor, we ensure our grease trap pumping processes comply with local regulations and environmental standards.

Achieving Environmental Compliance With Baker Commodities

Baker Commodities is committed to caring for the environment. Our services ensure compliance with local recycling regulations throughout the Boston area, so you can trust us to ensure all materials are recycled for the appropriate end use. We are proud to be a carbon-negative company with high environmental quality standards. We prioritize sustainable grease disposal to help reduce water and soil contamination and improve resource conservation.

Why Choose Baker Commodities for Your Grease Recycling Needs?

Since our founding in 1937, Baker Commodities has offered innovative, high-quality products and services meeting our clients’ unique by-product and used cooking oil management needs. With our commitment to sustainability, combined with our long-standing expertise and reliability in the Boston area, Baker Commodities is the ideal choice for your grease recycling needs.

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service, ensuring you have a reliable partner when you need us most. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can trust us to be there for your emergencies. With just one call, one bill and one company, you can receive the comprehensive services and support you need for grease collection.

How Can You Dispose of Cooking Oil in Boston?

The safest way to dispose of your Boston business’s cooking oil is to work with Baker Commodities. We will handle every detail for you, from regulatory compliance to health and safety concerns, so you can trust your cooking oil is disposed of sustainably. Contact us to schedule pickup, then leave the rest to our expert technicians.

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Discover how Baker Commodities can enhance your sustainability efforts and ensure regulatory compliance with our grease collection services. Reach out today to schedule your used cooking oil pickup in Boston.