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Billerica, MA

Rendering and Restaurant Grease Recycling for the Northeast

Billerica is a prized part of Massachusetts, and we are proud to serve this city as well as the entire Northeast region. This area hosts a range of stunning parks, bike paths and one-of-a-kind museums. To keep Billerica’s environment as clean as possible, you must be mindful of how your business impacts the environment.

Our rendering and grease removal services in Billerica and the surrounding area will enable your business to have a positive environmental impact and prevent damaging the area’s natural beauty.

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help cut down on pollution

Animal Rendering & Grease Recycling in Billerica

We offer various rendering and grease removal services in Billerica for multiple industries, such as restaurants, animal and dairy operations and other large chains across the Northeast region. In Massachusetts and beyond, animal by-product grease collection and other professional services create better environmental conditions and decrease waste from local businesses.

Animal By-Product Recycling
Our animal by-product recycling eliminates waste by transporting by-products to our environmentally friendly rendering facilities. Our fleet runs on an efficient route schedule to perform these services. You’ll know when our team will arrive to pick up your company’s by-products. This service is ideal for supermarkets, meat and poultry plants and butcher shops.

Drain Cleaning & Plumbing
Regardless of your company’s industry, it’s vital to maintain your drainage system. We offer commercial plumbing services and hydrojetting. This drain-cleaning function is a value-added service, so you can ensure your plumbing is in the best condition possible.

Restaurant Grease Collection 
Baker Commodities provides cooking oil removal services to cater to local restaurants and the food service sector in Billerica and the Northeast area. Our safe disposal strategy for cooking oil involves automatic pumping systems from storage tanks and standard drum and barrel handling.

Restaurant Grease Trap & Interceptor Pumping
All our grease trap and interceptor pumping services comply with local ordinances and environmental regulations. Abiding by those rules means we can safely dispose of wastewater and trap grease from restaurants in Massachusetts.

High Pressure Powerwashing w/Water Recovery
Maintaining a clean exterior is a vital part of any business. With our power-washing services, your building will look better than ever before. We use the best equipment in the industry to provide these services, including stain cleanup on sidewalks, grease removal on interior and exterior surfaces, deodorizing dumpsters and more.

Why Choose Baker Commodities in Billerica, Massachusetts?

At Baker Commodities, we dedicate our team to providing high-quality waste management services for various industries including restaurant and food service. Our organization strives to decrease the amount of pollution in the area, so we go above and beyond to provide services like grease collection in Massachusetts.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll enjoy several benefits, such as:

  • Constant availability: We make ourselves available every day of the year and at all times so that we can report to your business whenever you need us.
  • Exceptional customer service: Our team prioritizes your company’s needs and provides top-quality services to give your company the best experience possible.
  • Reliable emergency response: Baker Commodities understands that emergencies happen, and if you need our services without warning, we’ll arrive as soon as possible.
  • Valuable environmental initiatives: We care about improving the environment, so we operate with high standards that meet and exceed local requirements.

Reach Out to Us for Grease Collection in the Northeast

If you’re interested in our waste management services in Billerica, MA, or the rest of the Northeast region, contact us today! As your provider for grease collection, by-product rendering and fat and bone collection, we ensure that you cut down on your company’s pollution.

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