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2x3x3 Outdoor Container

2X3X3 outdoor containerFeatures

  • 100% heavy stainless steel construction
  • Smooth rolling heavy duty non-mark castors
  • Swivel front castors with brakes
  • Attractive container provides more storage in less space
  • Lockable top reduces theft of grease
  • Leak proof construction to tank
  • Can be built with heating tubes installed for cold weather


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  • Large tank opening for easier and safer dumping of grease by your employees
  • Eliminates the use of unsightly and messy grease barrels, the chief case of leaks and spills
  • Reduced traffic flow and pickups are less frequent
  • Improved sanitation. Tank and its pad area are washable as needed.


Installation & Specs

  • Installation Space Requirements 2’ w x 3’ l x 3’ h
  • Shortening Capacity 75 gal

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