C-2 portable under counter systems

||C-2 portable under counter systems
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C-2 Portable Under Counter Systems

Under Counter System
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  • Durable high density linear polyethylene
  • Free standing 48 ½ “ smooth rolling heavy non-mark castors
  • 540 lb capacity (79 gal)
  • Mobile unit intended to vacuum used oil at fryer location
  • Motor 6PA37 1/3- Pump 6PA 37 ½ Port 1725 RPM 5.6 Suction GPM Pumping Cooking Oil at 160 degrees
  • Ideal for medium to high volume customers
  • Minimal handling of hot used cooking oil
  • Insurance and Workman’s Comp savings
  • Less employee downtime
Model C-2
Power Requirements 110V 20A
Installation Space Requirements 23” W X 23”D X 48” H
Shortening Capacity 23” W X 23”D X 48” H
Warranty Duration of relationship